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Morning Routine

After years of working on yachts around the world, I struggled to find the perfect routine to get started in the morning, mostly because you could never really count on getting the exact amount of sleep you thought you would get when you went to bed.

Now that I have a more consistent schedule for my days, I’d love to share the best way I’ve found to start my morning.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

Colin Powell

Wake Up

I’ve found that the best time to start your day is before the sun gets up. That way you can get your morning routine out of the way and begin productivity as soon as the sun starts shining.

I wake up at 5am, which gives me the perfect amount of time to do the things I need to do.

Write it Down

I have 2 journals next to my bed. One is a basic A5, lined notebook. I use this to write down what ever is the first thing on my mind. It could be what I dreamed about, what I’m excited for that day or whatever happened the previous day.

IMPORTANT! – This isn’t a “Dear Diary” kind of journal and its not something to reminisce about in the future. It’s literally just to get whatever is in your head, out. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. You don’t even have to write in the lines. Just write!

I usually get notebooks that are spiral bound which makes it easier to tear out a page and throw it away. Sometimes I’ll tear out a page as soon as its written.

I also have another journal which is called “The 5-minute Journal.” This is great for quickly jotting down your daily goals, gratitudes and affirmations.

Power up

If you’re not someone who meditates yet, then I’m begging you to start.

I don’t know how I managed without it before. It is an essential part of my daily practise now.

I usually take between 10-20min to meditate but even 5min is okay.

Sit up. If you lie down you’re more likely to drift off and not follow the practice. Trust me, at first you’re going to be super uncomfortable. Most of us have spent our lives sitting on nice soft sofas, so sitting up straight with your legs crossed isn’t ideal. Start by sitting on a chair or even sitting up in bed.

There are so many apps available now for guided meditation but I highly recommend “Waking Up” by Sam Harris, or “The Simple Habit.”


It’s so important to exercise or even just stretch daily. I see how I’m feeling in the morning but I always do something. Sometimes its half an hour of yoga, or I go for a nice long walk. Yesterday I felt like running, so I did. Try push yourself to do something. If you’re more inclined to do a more intensive workout, even better. Get your blood flowing for the day.


I like a good cup of coffee and it’s made its way into my morning routine. It helps me feel alert and gives me that extra nudge in the right direction. The caffeine is great, but what I put into it makes the difference. I looooove mushroom powders, especially “Lions Mane.” This beautiful plant offers increased cognitive enhancement which you can definitely feel. Just add half a teaspoon of the powder to your morning coffee and you’ll be “Limitless.”

I also add a small amount of “Chaga” to the mix. This is another mushroom powder used as an antioxidant and to help boost your immunity.

Get Started

I usually jump write into work from here, leaving breakfast till later. By now my energy levels are high enough that I can go a few hours without food. In fact, I usually wait to have a big brunch, and that way I don’t have to bare the distraction of a lunch break later in the afternoon, I can just snack on the odd piece of fruit or nuts until dinner comes around.

With that being said, some of you need to get some food in before work, so if you have the time to do it, let me share with you a magic meal.

The Best Breakfast:

When it comes time for me to eat, I like to do it well. Breakfast is my favourite meal and I’ve got this step down to a fine art.

Firstly I always cook with Ghee instead of oil, its so much better for you and adds a beautiful taste to your food.

My typical breakfast looks like this.

  • Gluten-free bread
  • Sliced avo
  • Kale (Lots of it) or Spinach
  • Fried Mushrooms with garlic and peppers
  • 2 Fried eggs
  • Feta
  • And sometimes some fried banana on the side


And that’s it. That’s the best way I could start my day.

Having this routine not only boosts my morning into full momentum, but by having a daily morning ritual, I can save myself from decision fatigue and not wake up immediately wondering what to do next. By the time I’m done with this routine, I’m so pumped I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day has in store for me. And by feeling that good, it makes it easy to get up the next morning and do it all again.

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