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Business and Personal Development Coach

Serial Entrepreneur, Influencer, Host and World Explorer

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I help motivated and driven individuals overcome challenges in their business and lifestyle, using tools and techniques specifically tailored to their individual needs and coaching them through difficult transitions to overcome obstacles and live the life of freedom they ultimately desire.

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Certified Business Coaching

Helping the leaders of tomorrow build their brand or expand their mindset to create ultimate success.

Yacht Crew

As an ex Yacht Crew member, I help exhausted Yacht Crew transition from a life at sea, to living their best life ashore.

Life Coaching

Having a Coach for your lifestyle means that you’re ready to expand your awareness and reach for that next level of Awesome.


Predetermined workshops for individuals to reach an outcome and solve problems in their lives. A few days worth of training, homework, application and practise.


Every so often we take a select number of candidates on a Transformational Journey to discover the secrets of having it all.


For Companies and Corporate events. Helping teams unite with the confidence to move forward with purpose. Building a better environment for creativity and growth.


Whether you’re just curious or truly want to find out more about whats going on in that head of yours, this test will help explain just exactly how and why you tick the way you do.

It’s like discovering the owners manual to how your body and mind operate.


The insights to the world, the classic stories of the mundane, and the thrills of living an optimal lifestyle

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Balinese Cooking Class

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Morning Routine

After years of working on yachts around the world, I struggled to find the perfect...

My Travels

We Travel, Not to Escape Life, But for Life Not to Escape Us


2020 has been a strange and uncomfortable year for many of us. Having recently resigned from my job and going straight into lockdown, the anxiety, pressure and stresses of life certainly started to build up. In an uncertain time, I lacked direction and focus. This is when I decided to get in touch with Craig. After a short period of working with Craig and following his programme, my purpose started to fruition. It was then that I started to realize the importance of prioritizing my mental and physical health. We compromise on this more than we know as we live in a world where ‘I’m too busy’ becomes our excuse. Small steps every day and even the smallest of changes in your daily life can go a very long way. Once you have found this, tasks become simpler, clarity starts to exist around you and you have the ability to strive for personal success – no matter what it is! Thank you to my phenomenal coach for investing time and energy in me and guiding me through this journey. It’s changed the way I look at life!

Natasha Dorman
Natasha Dorman

What an absolute treat it was working with Craig, he is such a kind hearted, happy and positive person inside and out. Not only did he help me in growing my business during lockdown he also helped in just being there through a tough time. Definitely worth every second. Definitely a man worth talking to.

Alex Krause
Alex Krause

Craig is one of the most motivating and supportive person I have ever worked with. During the heat of lock down in South Africa I decided to cut my loses and follow my dreams of opening an online business. A venture that many called me crazy for doing – except Craig. He gave me all the tools and educated me on everything that I would need in order to make this dream a reality. I didn’t study business but with Craig’s help and knowledge I have learnt more in the last 3 months with him than I would have in 3 years. He still plays an instrumental role in supporting me and helping me grow my online presence. I can honestly say that without Craig’s support, knowledge and motivation I would not be where I am today. He is a kind, selfless person that genuinely wants to see you succeed. He is a coach that will always be in your corner supporting you every step of the way. He is worth reaching out to for some wise advice and guidance.

Lindsay Biffen
Lindsay Biffen

The Feel Good Movement

Creating a community of worldwide individuals that are focused on self-development and improving their lifestyles for the greater good of the world.

My wife and I work closely together with teams and individuals as we combine our skills and experience to offer you coaching in different areas of your life, including Relationships, Business, Lifestyle, Mindfulness and Wellness.